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forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]

Cheers to the end of an era

June 16th, 2006 (07:51 pm)

current mood: nostalgic
current song: Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter

My high school days are seriously down to the end now and i can't help but feel extremely nostalgic since life is about to completely change before i know it. With graduation day on thursday it all just feels too soon. I can still recall the terror i felt when i first arrived at the high school and now i will never be an enrolled student there again. I'm not going to roam the hallways wishing that school was over as it finally is. The events that mark the end have passed before i realized what was occurring. I have no more high school tests and quizzes and i won't be seeing everyone next fall. Yearbooks are really the end as you have to say "Good Luck in college" instead of simply "see you next year." I dunno i have been staying far away from talking about it recently since i'm just in denial of the fact that i'm done and am moving away from the safety of home and high school.

The past couple of weeks swept me by like a hurricane. I haven't written about all of the recent event but in summary i had the Band Banquet, Prom, Senior Awards Night, and Senior Banquet:
The Band Banquet was great as i had so much fun at my table although my good friends weren't there. The people of did sit with were hilarious and fun not to mention that i loved my gifts from Kunal and Ryan. They were so cute and personalized by things that i hadn't thought about. I also got my participation award which got me $100 towards college. I also got a little trophy which was cute.
Prom, i can't even begin to explain how amazing prom was. I don't know what it is about that event but both years i have had such success in truly enjoying myself. I loved my dress and my hair (i'll post pictures soon) and i had so much fun. I was seriously glad that i went without a date so that i could dance with all my friends and anyone i wanted to. I loved dancing the entire night and seeing everyone look amazing for the occasion. Afterwards sleeping over ana's was cute although we were terribly tired and the shore was nice a relaxing (when ppl weren't getting annoyed anyways). I ended the experience with a nice tan and some incredible memories that i will definitely never ever forget.
I went into Senior Awards Night expecting an extremely boring night. Yet it was that bad as everyone cheered and enjoyed themselves despite the boring veneer of the event. Not to mention that i went to the awards expecting to only get my gold tassel and then sit there forever but i ended up receiving the VHS SCA Scholarship earning me another $200. not bad since i didn't apply for anything lol. The night was okay overall in any case.
The Senior Banquet was amazing!! first off the food was delicious; there was calimari!! <3! Then we watched the senior video which was super cute and got our yearbooks which was sooo exciting! After we went through all of that everyone got up and danced for the rest of the night. I must say that dancing at this party was super amazing since it was only our grade and everyone was really enjoying themselves. Also, people weren't like groping each other all over the dance floor unlike prom so it was like a cute little dance party with my classmates<3. I had so much unexpected fun that night with my friends. I must say that that night was just as good if not better than prom since everyone went and had so much fun. I'm seriously going to miss all of those kids.
Each of those nights were unforgettable and while i was there i made sure to absorb each moment as they were the last and for some the only times i would be doing so.

It's truly over whether i want to believe it or not.


Posted by: Samantha (t0mh4nk5)
Posted at: June 17th, 2006 01:24 pm (UTC)

i agree with you that senior banquet night fun rivaled prom fun =] because everyone in our class was there. it was amazing

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