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Jess is eeeeeemo! ...or not really

August 17th, 2006 (12:05 pm)

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current song: Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

This past weekend was super cuteness as it had a perfect amount of friends and music that made me happy =)! so i suppose i should just jump into the events then:

I started off Saturday morning with yoga class which was my last saturday morning class for a long while since my teachers going on vacation and then i'm departing for college =( but nevertheless i greatly enjoyed the class cause i dunno yoga just makes me feel better no matter how out of control things are. Afterwards i got lunch with my mom =) and went home and finished the most recent Harry Potter which might i just say was extremely enjoyable and cute and i loved it! <3 So i quickly finished the book and got ready in time to yell at my mom for not realizing that she needed to be home to drop elana and me at the bus stop. Luckily we managed to make it right on time and quickly hopped on the bus and were whisked away to new york city. From the Bus Terminal we walk like i dunno ten blocks with a pit stop at McDonalds (or as i call it McDoonalds) despite the fact that i hate their food. Oddly enough it was the only fast food place along the way and we were on a tight schedule. Regardless, we arrived at the Radio City Music Hall right on time and literally as we sat down the show began!

So now onto the show! The first performer to hit the stage was Ben Lee and i might i just say that he is absolutely adorable!!! i mean the accent with the cute music and all is just perfect! He had funny little remarks between songs and just really got the show started properly. Personally, i enjoyed his live performance much more than his studio versions. He really just brings the music to life and puts on a great show. The end of his set was definitely my favorite part cause elana and i were convinced that he was ending on something other than Catch My Disease by what he was playing but then suddenly it transformed into the song and we just went CRAZY! it was awesome and damn we were fooked! After his performance we went downstairs to the t-shirt stands since ben lee said he would be there to sign cds yet we were sadly mistaken as we waited then had to quickly run back upstairs to our seats to catch Say Anything. =(

It was okay tho cause Say Anything was simply amazing!! To be quite frank however, Elana and I really enjoyed the bassist who was amazing at head banging and had awesome long hair that was mesmerizing as he did so. We basically stared at his hair for the set and occasionally glanced at the other bandmates. When i did look at the lead singer tho i didn't really like watching him cause he moved oddly and it jsut wasn't amusing like the bassist's hair lol. Regardless they played a great set despite the fact that they played Yellow Cat Slash Red Cat. I seriously hate that song and when it started i was just like "oh no you didn't!!" i recovered tho cause the rest of the set was excellent! oh and for the last song say anything did the same thing as ben lee in that i was praying that they would end on Alive With the Glory of Love and the beginning didn't sound like it so i was all like shucks maybe i missed it in the beginning then oh wait!! it is the right song!!! YAY!!!! it was extremely exciting like i can't explain! <333

Finally the main event: Dashboard Confessional!!!! oh man was i excited for this! the moment they started it was just insane! I sang along to almost every word and was completely absorbed by his music. it was simply incredible! They had a cute set of lanterns all over the stage and a backdrop that was lit up with designs of trees and such. It was really a pretty set and complimented their incredible music. It was like a complete and incredible show and restored my absolute adoration of Chris Carrabba and the entire band for that matter. Despite some resilience from elana i managed to convince her to stand up with me cause something about standing up makes the concert feel all the more powerful and personal. Everything felt closer and more alive to me that way. Dashboard played such a great set which combined all of their cds. I was so ecstatic when Chris played an acoustic version of The Swiss Army Romance and when they played Stolen. <3 Everything was like perfection and i really enjoyed this concert probably more than the first time i saw them. Both shows were great but this one just got to me more than the other. I love Dashboard Confessional <3. At the end of the set, the band first ended on Don't Wait then for the encore play Vindicated and Hands Down. It was a predictable ending but there is no song quite like Hands Down to end on. It is just such a great song that cannot be matched by any other and wouldn't want them to end any other way. It's bittersweet when Hands Down comes on since it's such an amazing song yet you know that the concert is over when it begins. You can only revel in the moment and enjoy it for what it is before it's swiftly gone.

And with that the show was over and we headed out back onto the streets of new york city. Oddly enough right outside of Radio City, Kira, Pat's girlfriend, miraculously spotted us in the sea of people. Then we took a picture for say anything and continued on our ways back home. When we got back to the bus terminal it was pretty chaotic since some of the terminals were closed and we couldn't find ours. With much confusion and some panic we managed to find the correct bus and made our way back to verona. And so ends a very nice and very frustrating night.

Sunday night was a super cute night since i hung out with some lovely people and had hilarious fun with them. Since Tyler was back from California we threw a Tyler is back party which in essence served the purpose of seeing people i hadn't seen in forever. Sam, Tyler, Elana, Mike, Brianna and myself with appearances by Angie, Jon, and Stephan to be exact. We just talked and laughed and had an excellent time and gosh i will miss those kids when we part ways. =( Nevertheless that night was fantastic! <3!

I've been writing bits of this entry for a long while now and i suppose i should quickly summarize what has occured beyond the weekend now lol. Let's see: On Monday i went to Hoboken with Liz and saw Talledega Nights with Patrick and Kevin which was extremely funny. On the downside we went to this sleazy ass mall to see it where liz and i got hit on by two gross men within a minute. ewww. On Tuesday i went to the dentist then ran some errands then went shopping for SIX hours with Elanz0r. I don't understand how we did so for so long yet it was fun and productive. I got a cute t-shirt, sunglasses, make-up, and presents for peeps. Yesterday, i went into the city with elana despite some technical difficulties then had lunch with her and my mom at a fancy french restaurant (i heart the waitor!!) then shopped at Forever 21 and H&M with her for like another SIX hours =/ so much shopping!! AAHH! lol good x's <3 Afterwards i went home for like .2 seconds then went mini golfing with Sam, Liz, and Jon. I absolutely suck on close shots yet i'm pretty golf at just launching my ball and somehow getting a hole-in-one its awesome. It was super fun and somehow i ended up in second place by only 2 points! i'm such an ACE! lol. Then we got Wendys and chilled at Jon's house with Tyler and Pat as well. cuteness! So it's been a good week so far =)



Posted by: kira (spaceeeships)
Posted at: August 26th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC)

[it's kira]

i totally agree with that entire paragraph on dashboard's set. i was amazed the first time i saw them but i was so much closer and loved it even more this time around. there's something about them & no other band that really does get you so into their music when you see them live.

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