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forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]

the last 3 weeks in a nutshell

May 27th, 2006 (11:40 pm)

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okay so clearly i have mo lagged behind in keeping up to date here, but it's like i don't have enough focus anymore to write entries. Not to mention that my last entry was a complete monster so it should really make up for these last couple weeks. some main points for the last weeks:
-went to see mission impossible 3 w/ ranley
-went prom dress shopping core and ended up with two more dresses that i'm uncertain about
-utterly stopped doing well in school eep - problematic since finals are lame
-went to nyc w/ elana and shopped my head off at h&m and forever 21 and got another prom dress candidate
-went to mark and julie's with tyler and katie
-went to x men 3, starbucks, dunkin, and krauszers with tyler and katie (and saw ricky bongo!)
good x's kids!

forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]


May 8th, 2006 (07:03 pm)

current mood: nostalgic
current song: Taking Back Sunday - Liar (takes one to know one)


yeah so over the last two days i have basically only slept, eaten, and bamboozled (yes i did just turn that into a verb heheheh). bamboozle was such a freaking awesome experience it was ridiculous and i just died from excitement. Here's my (humongous) recap of the days:


forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]

I <3 Vacation!

April 30th, 2006 (02:07 pm)

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current song: angels & airwaves - the adventure

this vacation has been excellent!

fun stuff omg!Collapse )

i miss it already...

forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]

Death Cab Love!

April 14th, 2006 (07:26 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: Rock Kills Kid - Hideaway (new music obsession!)

Yesterday was awesometastic like whoa!! it started off pretty rough since i got four hours of sleep then went to school like dead tired. school was the following: choral death, study sleepiness, english group test with angielove, physics chats, and handing in my history research paper which had caused the mere four hours of sleep. After that i left school early with ana and we crashed at my house til it was time to leave. we took the bus into the city then had a mad amount of time to spare so we went and looked around h&m and forever 21 <3. Finally the time for the concert rolled around and we went on the line to enter.


forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]


April 10th, 2006 (10:37 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: taking back sunday - makedamnsure

It's been quite a roller coaster over the last few weeks. I'll provide a brief overview as i dare not venture too deep into anything just yet.

1. i got wait-listed by TCNJ which makes my college decision harder as i don't know what's going to occur with that one.

2.i didn't get into NYU which might have been one of the worst experiences ever since it literally crushed me. However i had enough stuff going on otherwise to completely keep it out of my mind. Basically, i'm over it now and i know now that NYU was extremely hard to get into this year and it's okay with me. perhaps its even better this way... we shall see.

3.coldstone went insanecore as the new assistant manager was put in place who is like OCD crazy and wants us to like clean the walls etc. crazy much? i'm seriously considering leaving that place as it just causes my so much anguish and strife that i sorta want out. besides david won't be running the store anymore so i'm gonna lose my privileges and in essence my control there. Coldstone = okay at first but then it seriously wears you down.

4. went to boston over last weekend to visit BU and Northeastern. In shorthand: Drive up there = death and made me want to stay away, stayed at my cousin's house who i hadn't seen in like forever, BU was fabulous and very organized not to mention that they had marble floors and a starbucks inside the management building!!!, buffets=death on a platter, northeastern was slightly ghetto in comparison to BU but still a great school, got far too lost on their campus and wasn't really into the co-op program so i'm sorta eliminating it from my possibilities? however it had hot guys which upped its appeal (trying to focus on the school itself tho here lol) but to go back to the hot guys omg hottest guy EVER that was also looking at the school. love. hehehehe so yeah school = cool, boston = sooooo cute boston trafic however = confusion followed by death.

umm i think thats all of the main events?? i dunno maybe i'll add more if i remember more. College process = jess dying all over the place. Its soo frustrating as people put down the payment while youre pulling out your hair that's about where i'm at right now in any case... ugh oh well life is before us and it defintely won't be easy

oh and to go completely off track: go to my myspace and see my pretty new picture over there!

forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]


March 27th, 2006 (03:30 pm)

current mood: excited
current song: postal service - be still my heart

wow i'm totally ace-ing this whole getting into college thing hehehhehe. now watch as my next entry says that i suck and i didn't get in somewhere *knocks on wood* but in any case:

1. i got a letter from Northeastern saying that i got their Dean's Scholarship offering me $11,000 a year. Totally awesome might i just say, but i still need to go visit the school lol. yeah i better hop on that.

2. i got into Boston University! now i seriously need to get up to Boston and see both of these schools!

Good X's! 3 for 3 so far and 2 more to go! *crosses fingers*

forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]


March 24th, 2006 (04:38 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: relient k - i so hate consequences

xm0rningstarsx: guess what!
chutes2narrow88: chicken butt
xm0rningstarsx: yes EXACTLY... no.
chutes2narrow88: ?
xm0rningstarsx: i got into northeastern!
chutes2narrow88: yay!!
chutes2narrow88: congrats!
xm0rningstarsx: hehehe <3

2 down and 3 more to go!