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forget-me-nots and second thoughts [userpic]

The Warmth of the Summer

July 2nd, 2006 (02:39 pm)

current mood: jubilant
current song: Head Automatica - Graduation Day

It's unbelievable how quickly high school goes by and so here i am a high school graduate with college on the horizon. Since my last entry much has occurred and changed as a result of the end of high school. To continue off of the last entry, i had a four day weekend then my last two days of school. The four day weekend was because i didn't have any finals to take as i kept my grades up and was exempt from all except calc which i took in class. Then the second to last day of school we had the senior breakfast then outside graduation practice. That night the senior class was planned to meet up at lookout for some senior class fun. It was an awesome time minus the getting lost for an hour part. Once we found our way everyone was really excited to see us and it was a blast til the cops got there. I somehow ended the night in Pete's car w. Pete and Greg and it was just great night. So after that night of fun: the last day of school we watched the ap english video and phillipe and tommy's video then had grad practice inside and outside.

Graduation was crazy weird. It was extremely hot outside so i'm pretty glad i'm a girl and got the wear a dress but even then i was dying. I wore this cute eyelet white dress and nice white heels with the usual white cap and gown. Then i had my honors sash and my gold tassel. Pretty stylin lol. so the ceremony went well. I didn't trip on my way to my seat and slapped hands w. tommy on my way there. then sang the national anthem and listened to all of the speeches with were amazing <3. Afterwards we sang time to say goodbye which went well. For some odd reason the only time i really got teary eyed during mr. cesa's speech probably cause he mentioned the beginning of the year and how we made it to the end. So after all that we finally got our diplomas, moved our tassels from the left to the right, and threw our hats in the air. Afterwards they played the song and we all went into the back and jumped up and down like we always did. It was quite momentous.

So since then i've been going to grad parties and just hanging out with people. Oh and i finally quit my awful job. The summer is lovely.